Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Where are we located?

HillTop Christmas Tree Farm is located in Six-Mile, Upstate South Carolina. Even though we have an address with Central on it, so do not worry when you get to the little town of Six-Mile, we will be there! 4008 Six Mile Highway, Central, SC

What time are we open?

We officially open our fascilities November 26th for the 2020 season. we will close down December 23rd for the season. Our hours are: Friday 12pm - 6 pm Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm Sunday 1:00pm-6:00pm

Do I get to cut my own tree?

Yes! You are more than welcomed to come and cut your own tree. Also, there are a few already pre-cut trees to select from if you are not wanting to cut a tree yourself. If you do want to have a tree cut and are not wanting to cut it yourself, our employees would be happy to come out and cut any tree that you select!

Will I have allergies to Christmas trees?

Certain trees will be better on your allergies while others will be worse for them. We recommend going to our Christmas Trees page, and reading about them there and looking up whichever trees you like the most by their latin name that is listed on the "CHRISTMAS TREES" page, right beside their picture. This way you will have many sources of information on each tree and how it may affect your allergies specifically.

How do I take care of my tree?

You will need stand for it to sit in that has a bowl/bucket attached to it, a picture is seen below of this product. You can purchase these from us, or from stores such as: Home Depot, and Lowes or Ace Hardware. You will need to pour water into the bowl/bucket/stand every few days where the base of the tree that is standing in the water holding area is coverd by water. This will keep the tree alive through the season. If you have a heat source such as a fire place that burns often, or an airvent that is heating the house, or building, near the tree you will need to watch over a few days how much water is being used by the tree and make sure to water it more often than if it did not have these extra heat souces around it.